We partner with therapy dogs and their people to bring connection, healing, and love into our community.


Welcome to Canine Inspired Change!

The team at Canine Inspired Change develops and leads custom courses, fusing dog training and therapy to help empower and nurture students in a fun and non-threatening way. 

These courses empower your group to explore new ways of growth and learning through the experience of working with dogs. We partner with therapy dog teams to provide your group with a unique and healing, animal assisted, educational experience.

By working with volunteer therapy dog teams we provide a fun outlet for service and advocacy as we help  strengthen community connection.  Our volunteers, people and dogs, seem to get as much out of the experience as the students.

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We believe in the power of love over hate.

We believe that our dogs can and will help us access that ‪#‎lovepower‬.
We believe that connection to each other will smite fear and disillusionment.
We believe that our ‪#‎therapydogs‬ can and will facilitate that connection.
We believe that in order to live a fulfilled life you must ‪#‎helpothers‬ without wanting anything in return.
We believe our dogs do this naturally and that they can and will lead us down this path of ‪#‎loveandservice.‬

This is our manifesto, our battle cry....and your call to action.
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